IncinerPro i2000 waste incinerator abattoir cattle horse pig

IncinerPro i2000 is one of the largest models in the standard range of incinerators with the main fixed combustion chamber.

It is a recommended equipment for the incineration of large volumes of waste even cattle or equine carcasses.



  • 2 combustion chambers (main and post-combustion), in order to be fully consistent with the requirements of EC Regulation 1069/2009 and EU 142/2011
  • Standard 6 fully automated, independent burners (5 in the main combustion chamber and 1 in the post-combustion chamber). It can be equipped with concrete heart grid, for burning the waste even from bellow. 
  • Control panel with touch-screen technology

  • Automated programming and control system for combustion parameters and cycles

  • Visual and audible alarm system

  • Refractory concrete resistant to high temperatures (1,500 °C)
  • Thermo-couples for keeping temperatures at programmed values
  • Double ventilated chimney

  • 1 large door for loading the waste, with winch and safety system against accidental closing
  • 3 wide door for removing the ash


  • Heat recovery

IncinerPro i2000
Loading method up
Primary chamber volume (total/above concrete grid) 5,5 m³ / 3,9 m³
Load capacity up to 2.000 kg
Burn rate up to 250 kg/h
Gas retention time min. 2 sec. at min. 850 °C
Overall dimensions (L x l x h) 4,5 x 3,3 x 3,4
Weight cc. 15,0 tones

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Burning rate, load capacity, fuel and current consumption are parameters that depend on the waste (type, volume, species, humidity, density, how it was mixed), incinerator loading mode, technical state of the burners and incinerator, fuel quality.


It is very important to understand that the burning rate is heavily influenced by many parameters. Because there are no 2 identical waste batches, the operator(s) must try to load a mixture of different animal wastes for a better incineration process.  A correct mixture of waste will ensure better burning rate and lower fuel consumption.

Please read the instructions carefully and follow our technical advice as much as possible. Burning process in an animal waste incinerator is different from burning process in a boiler (where only fuel is burned).

Animal waste incinerator IncinerPro i2000