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Accessories for animal waste incinerators. Waste management. Bio-security.

Along with our complete range of animal waste incinerators, IncinerPro brand, we offer to our interested customers multiple accessories and optional equipment to optimize the activity, contribute to a better time management, increase biosecurity:

  • Automatic waste loading
  • Clean emissions.
  • Heat recovery equipment, suited to each incinerator
  • Refrigeration containers, with different capacities, able to keep the wastes at low temperatures (e.g. 4 degrees Celsius), until incineration
  • Carcass trolleys, carcass containers – equipment to quickly remove the waste from the animal shelter in order to be disposed of in the specially arranged place
  • Disinfection equipment :

    •  – Stationary or mobile vehicle disinfection gates, automated or manually controlled ;
    •  – Mobile disinfection tanks for rapid disinfection of equipment and spaces (rooms, etc) ;
    •  – Turnstile disinfection stations, designated for access limitation of human personnel, visitors in specific areas. The access is only possible only after the hand disinfection, shoe/boots disinfection were performed ;
    •  – Automated robots for animal shelter cleaning – the modern solution to clean the dirt animal shelters without risking personnel health. A real solution for fast cleaning combined to money&time savings !

Automatic loading waste incinerator
Automatic Waste Loading Incinerator
Clean Emissions Incinerator


After Sales Services


Our team of professionals will help you in choosing the right incinerator for your activity. We design, manufacture, commission and provide maintenance for our entire range of incinerators.


Our products are covered by the standard and extended warranty, with qualified personnel, according to the service contract.


The qualified personnel (technical engineers) ensure the fluency in the operation of the equipment according to the warranty conditions.

Spare parts

We provide spare parts and consumables for the equipment sold.

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