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We are Flextim Industry, the experienced team of Romanian professionals which offers complete sales and after-sales services for the entire range of IncinePro animal waste incinerators.

IncinerPro® is the brand name of all of our 4 ranges of animal waste incinerators:

  • Incinerators with stationary primary combustion chamber – IncinerPro i
  • Incinerators with rotary primary combustion chamber – IncinerPro r
  • Mobile incinerators – IncinerPro a
  • Mobile incinerators for outbreaks – IncinerPro u

Each incinerator complies with Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council from 21 October 2009 laying down sanitary norms regarding animal by-products and derived products not intended for human consumption.

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Incinerator – after sales services


Our team of professionals will help you in choosing the right incinerator for your activity. We design, manufacture, commission and provide maintenance for our entire range of incinerators.

Incinerator - Warranty

Our incinerators are covered by the standard and extended warranty, with qualified personnel, according to the service contract.

Incinerator - Maintenance

The qualified personnel (technical engineers) ensure the fluency in the operation of the equipment according to the warranty conditions.

Spare parts

We provide spare parts and consumables for the equipment sold.


Service provided by specialized technical engineers

Our incinerators are characterized by robustness and safety in operation, automation of the combustion  process, flexibility in design and production, advanced systems for monitoring the operating parameters, advanced systems for safety in operation.


We provide complete sales and after-sales services for each incinerator:

  • Consultancy in order to choose the right equipment
  • Commissioning 
  • Training for operator(s)
  • User instructions (technical documentation, prior to delivery, for preparing the site, operation) in different languages
  • Maintenance (warranty, after-warranty) with specialized technical engineers


The incineration equipment can be adapted to the particular requirements of the clients in terms of performance, design and automation. Together with our clients we innovate and create new products, tailored to each individual’s requirements.

If you are interested in using our incinerators for animal waste, or are interested in a collaboration regarding distribution, please contact us. We provide a wider range of equipment designated for farm washing and disinfection (trucks, barns, personnel). Our specialists will detail the legislative aspects, the products and the steps to be taken to complete the installation of the product.