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IncinerPro i

Stationary primary chamber incinerators – IncinerPro i – are recommended in the most common situations (normal mortality in poultry, sheep, pigs, cattle breeding farms), slaughterhouses, butchers.

Depending on the total amount of waste, one or more incinerators might be needed to eliminate entire quantity.

IncinerPro r

The “r” range (IncinerPro r) includes high capacity incinerators able to burn wastes with a low calorific value (e.g. eggs, high humidity waste).

Through the constructive features (rotary main chamber) these incinerators allow higher combustion rates, by mixing the waste during the combustion process.

IncinerPro a

Mobile incinerators (IncinerPro a) represent the ideal solution if you perform incineration activities or you are a local authority and want to eliminate, on the spot, dead animals, expired or confiscated products from the administered territory.

IncinerPro u

IncinerPro u range is designed to incinerate large amounts of waste, when conventional methods and capabilities are over-fulfilled (e.g. outbreaks).

The equipment for emergency situations (IncinerPro u) are mobile (on semi-trailers), autonomous (with electricity generator, fuel tank), have highest loading capacity and maximum burning rate.


The animal waste categories and the way to be destroyed are described in Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 October 2009 laying down sanitary rules regarding animal by-products and derived products not intended for human consumption.


In order to increase the degree of bio-security in livestock farms, slaughterhouses, meat processing factories, it is mandatory to eliminate the waste immediately after its production (or the storage in special facilities and conditions, until disposal). The intensive breeding of animals requires rigorous control of bio-security, to prevent the occurrence and spread of possible diseases with high mortality (e.g. swine fever, bird flu).


At the onset of the outbreaks, it is necessary to locate the outbreak of infection and to immediate eliminate the sick animals / corpses. Incineration is the solution which ensures complete neutralization of the pathogen. For these extreme situations (when the conventional disposal capacities are exceeded) we offer the IncinerPro u solution (incinerators for emergency situations): mobile equipment, autonomous, with the maximum burning rate/hour (ex .: up to 1.000 kg / h), highest  loading capacity (over 7 m3).


Our range of models covers all the situations and the particularities of the activities related to animal breeding and processing of products of animal origin:

  • Incinerators with fixed main combustion chamber (primary combustion) 
  • Incinerators with rotary main combustion chamber (primary combustion) 
  • Mobile incinerators, on trailers
  • High capacity incinerators, on metallic platform or semi-trailers, for emergency situations

Depending on the average quantity of the generated waste and its characteristics, we can offer you the optimal product which corresponds to your requirements, at the best price / quality ratio.

In order to identify it, please access the Useful Information box, or Contact us.