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IncinerPro: reliability, safety and flexibility

  • Functioning in full compliance with the specific legislative requirements (environment, sanitary-veterinary)
  • Safety in use for the operator
  • Biosecurity
  • Clean emissions – clean environment
  • Customized incinerator models according to application

Waste Type

Animal waste incinerators ensure a rapid and legal disposal of:

  • Mortality (animal carcasses) specific to farm animals (poultry, sheep, pigs, cattle, horses or other animals)
  • Mortality resulting from outbreaks (bird flu, swine fever)
  • Animal waste resulting from the activity of slaughterhouses, meat preparation plants
  • Expired / confiscated waste of animal origin


IncinerPro incinerators are successfully used in animal farms (chickens, sheep, pigs, cattle, horses and others), slaughterhouses, animal shelters, veterinary universities, incineration service providers.

Range of Incinerators

IncinerPro® is the brand name of all of our 4 ranges of animal waste incinerators:

  • IncinerPro i – incinerators with stationary primary combustion chamber
  • IncinerPro r – incinerators with the rotary primary combustion chamber
  • IncinerPro a – mobile incinerators
  • IncinerPro u – mobile incinerators for emergencies (outbreaks)

In addition to the standard models (included in each of the ranges listed above), we develop new models according to our clients’ requirements and particular applications.

Components of an IncinerPro incinerator

An animal waste incinerator – IncinerPro – has a series of constructive elements such as:

  • 2  burning chambers : 1 main combustion chamber (for waste incineration) and 1 post-combustion secondary chamber (for burning gaseous emissions, according to Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009)
  • Fully automated burners with combustion control, in each combustion chamber. The total number of burners differs depending on the incinerator model, starting with a minimum of 1 burner/burning chamber.
  • Advanced monitoring, programming and control systems for combustion parameters. These features are possible through access to the control panel with touch screen technology, PLC (programmable logic controller), HMI (human-machine interface).
  • Different automation depending on model and application.
  • Safety features (visual and audible alarms, general emergency switch, secure locks)
  • Gas exhaust system (chimney)

Accessories, optional features

We provide a full range of accessories, optional features, upgrades:

  • Containers for wastes loading, different capacities
  • Heat exchangers
  • Refrigeration containers and rooms for the storage of waste until the time of incineration
  • Ash containers
  • Professional equipment for disinfection (truck / vehicles disinfection doors for disinfection, turnstile disinfection stations for human personnel, room/shelter disinfection tanks, disinfection mats)
  • Carcass trolleys, mobile containers for transporting the waste to refrigeration or incineration facility


Animal waste incineration process at high combustion temperatures is regulated by European and national legislation (e.g. EC Regulation 1069/2009, EU Regulation no. 142/2011) in order to ensure a higher level of bio-security, clean emissions.


After sales


Our team of professionals will help you in choosing the right incinerator for your activity. We design, manufacture, commission and provide maintenance for our entire range of incinerators.


Our products are covered by the standard and extended warranty, with qualified personnel, according to the service contract.


A qualified team (technical engineers) ensure the fluency in the operation of the equipment according to the warranty conditions.

Spare parts

We provide spare parts and consumables for the equipment sold.

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