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How an incinerator works

An animal waste incinerator IncinerPro has a series of constructive components and automation which allow the burning of the waste, clean emissions, respecting the regulations imposed by the European and national legislation.

Elements of an IncinerPro incinerator

Animal waste incinerator IncinerPro has the following basic construction elements:

  • 2 burning chambers: 1 main combustion chamber (for waste incineration), 1 secondary burning chamber (to ensure clean emissions in the atmosphere)
  • Fully automated burners, with combustion control in each combustion chamber. The total number of burners differs, depending on the incinerator model.
  • Advanced monitoring, programming and control systems for combustion parameters. These operations are possible through access to the control panel with touch screen technology, PLC (programmable logic controller), HMI (human-machine interface).
  • Various automations depending on the model
  • Safety features (visual and audible alarms, emergency switch, secure locks)
  • Gas exhaust system (chimney)

Waste incineration

After the waste has been loaded into the incinerator, according to the instructions in the user manual, the incineration process is carried out in the two combustion chambers:

  • The incineration of waste (animal carcasses or other animal residues) takes place in the first combustion chamber (main burning chamber), at temperatures set through the control panel with touch-screen access. In this way, a combustion cycle is selected, initiated and monitored directly from the menu, according to the chosen type of waste.
  • Gas incineration resulted from the burning process of primary combustion chamber. Gases are  automatically kept at minimum 850 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 2 seconds, according to the specific legislation (requirement imposed by EC Regulation 1069/2009, EU Regulation no. 142/2011). This process takes place in the post-combustion chamber (secondary combustion chamber, equipped with its own independent burner(s))

Waste loading can be done even during incineration, following the instructions in the user manual! The loading of the waste is done manually (or mechanized) through the loading door (s), from above (vertical loading) or front (horizontal loading)

IncinerPro incinerator can be equipped with automatic loading systems, depending on incinerator model. The system is enabled by a remote control, which starts the process of unloading the waste containers into the incinerator.

The loading doors have different modes of operation (manually or automatically) depending on the model of IncinerPro-incinerator purchased.

Once the combustion cycle is chosen, through the monitoring and control elements the entire combustion process is carried out without the need for operator intervention.

The incinerator is equipped with monitoring, control, safety and warning systems in case of malfunctions (e.g. power failure, fuel).

The system continuously monitors the combustion process, and the temperatures are maintained at the programmed values set through the thermocouples.

Automatic Waste Loading Incinerator

Fuel - we optimize consumption at IncinerPro incinerators!

Fuel consumption (natural gas, LPG or diesel) is continuously optimized, by maximizing the combustion properties of the introduced waste (e.g. animal fat is used as a combustion factor, limiting the consumption of additional fuel). The burners stop the fuel and allow only air-flow (through the integrated ventilation system), when this is possible, thus maintaining the amount of oxygen required to reach the set parameters.


It is very important to understand that the burning rate is heavily influenced by many parameters. Because there are no 2 identical waste batches, the operator(s) must try to load a mixture of different animal wastes for a better incineration process.  A correct mixture of waste will ensure better burning rate and lower fuel consumption.


Please read the instructions carefully and follow our technical advice as much as possible. Burning process in an animal waste incinerator is different from burning process in a boiler (where only fuel is burned).


Because of the particular design of the combustion chambers, automation elements, monitoring, programming and automatic control of the incineration process, all IncinerPro incinerator models work according to the specific environmental and sanitary-veterinary legislation.


The result of burning process is ash, in an amount that depends on the type of incinerated waste (e.g. feathers, bones, intestines, carcasses, etc.).

The ash can be removed even during burning process, as long as the incinerator is equipped with separate ash removal door(s). The total number of ash doors differs depending on each IncinerPro incinerator model.

Pay attention to the high temperature of ashes: use protective equipment (gloves, glasses etc.)!

ash door incinerator

Safety in use

IncinerPro incinerators are equipped with operational security elements and alarm systems, for example:

  • The autonomous alarm system (own battery) with which the incinerator is equipped allows warnings of several types:
    1.  – visual alarm (light tower: green, yellow and red) to warn the operator about the state of the combustion cycle, faults, etc.
    2.  – audible alarm (sound is heard up to 1 km away) to warn the operator in case of failures.

  • The incinerator is equipped with a general switch that allows the operator to immediately stop the operation in case of faults.
  • At the end of each combustion cycle the burners only permit air (via the built-in fans) to lower the temperature inside the incinerator at safe values for the operator.
  • Door locking systems allow security against accidental closing/opening.


After sale services


Our team of professionals will help you in choosing the right incinerator for your activity. We design, manufacture, commission and provide maintenance for our entire range of incinerators.


Our products are covered by the standard and extended warranty, with qualified personnel, according to the service contract.


The qualified personnel (technical engineers) ensure the fluency in the operation of the equipment according to the warranty conditions.

Spare parts

We provide spare parts and consumables for the equipment sold.

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