Between 26 – 30 October 2022, we have  exhibited at INDAGRA international agro-zootechnical fair, in Bucharest. At our booth, the latest innovations in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence for animal farms were presented: The EVO Cleaner robot – the most powerful robot for washing animal shelters The XO robot – intended for scarification…

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Disinfection in farms


Between  05 – 08. 05.2022 we have exhibited at AGRARIA fair, organized at Jucu (Cluj county, Romania). We have presented our entire range of modern equipment for increasing the biosecurity level in animal farms, slaughterhouses, meat processing plants: IncinerPro – animal waste incinerators (IncinerPro): manufactured in Romania, with complete range of after sales services provided…

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AGRA 2020

Between 19.02.2020 – 23.02.2020 we have exhibited at AGRA fair, organized at Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We presented our animal waste incinerators, equipment for handling, transport and store animal wastes, but also the entire range of solutions for disinfection and cleaning. We have discussed with Bulgarian farmers about: The latest incinerator models for animal waste (IncinerPro), manufactured…

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incinerators presented in Bulgaria


In 6th of February, at Varna (Bulgaria) we had the pleasure to present Flextim Industry’s range of solutions for increasing biosecurity levels: IncinerPro – animal waste incinerators (stationary, mobile and for diseases outbreak such as ASF or birds influenza) Disinfection equipment for vehicle, rooms but also for human personnel Equipment for transport, handling and storing…

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Indagra 2019

Between 30.10.2019 – 04.11.2019 we have participated at the INDAGRA fair, organized at Romexpo, Bucharest. We have presented a sum of news equipment and technologies: The latest incinerator models for animal waste (IncinerPro), manufactured by our company, in Timisoara: fixed, mobile and with rotary chamber, but also big incinerators, designated for emergency situations (outbreak). The…

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Indagra 2018

From October 31 to November 4, 2018, we’ve exhibited at INDRAGRA fair ( Bucharest). We’ve had the pleasure of discussing with many interested customers about the modern solutions available for animal waste disposal, solution for a higher level of biosecurity. At our booth the clients had the opportunity to see an animal waste incinerator, model…

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