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4th N. Balcescu Square, Ap.1, 300229
Timisoara, Romania

+40 757 904026

contact [at] flextimindustry [.] com

Flextim® is the team of Romanian specialists who sells and ensures the maintenance of IncinerPro incinerators, designed to legally eliminate animal wastes.

Our clients are companies from different countries (Romania, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine), operating in the most diverse fields (animal husbandry, slaughtering, meat processing, veterinary medicine universities, kennels, incineration services).

IncinerPro is the brand name of all of our 4 main ranges of animal waste incinerators:

IncinerPro incinerators are in a continuous development process, so we have integrated elements and options that bring special advantages over other products on the market (visual and audible alarm systems, monitoring and control by touch-screen technology, automation, resistance to high temperatures and many more). This process of product improvement will continue, so we recommend you visit this website as often as possible to find the latest news!

Because incineration is just one part in increasing the bio-security, we offer a wider range of equipment for washing and disinfect trucks, barns, farms and even for personnel. We provide same quality services for washing robots, truck washing and disinfection, turnstile disinfection gates, high pressure washing machines etc.

Our incinerators are characterized by robustness, safety in operation, automation of the combustion and post-combustion process, flexibility in design and production, advanced systems for monitoring and controlling the operating parameters.

Quality and environment

The ISO 9001 quality standard and the ISO 14001 environmental standard comes to support quality of our products and services.

Our services

Our team markets and provides after-sales services for all IncinerPro animal waste incinerators.

We provide complete sale and after-sale services:

  • Consultancy in choosing an optimal product
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training of the operator/operators
  • Technical documentation, pre-installation and installation instructions, instructions for use (in the users’ language)
  • Warranty service and post warranty with our own team of service technicians
  • Together with our clients we innovate and create new products and applications, adapted to the specific requirements and applications. The great flexibility is due to the fact that the entire design and production process is fully controlled by our team, so that the performances, the design, the automations are characteristics that are continuously developed.

If you are interested in using our products, or into starting a collaboration as distributor, please contact us.

We will contact you as soon as possible, to discuss the necessary details and to offer you technical information.


After sales services


Our team of professionals will help you in choosing the right incinerator for your activity. We design, manufacture, commission and provide maintenance for our entire range of incinerators.


Our products are covered by the standard and extended warranty, with qualified personnel, according to the service contract.


The qualified personnel (technical engineers) ensure the fluency in the operation of the equipment according to the warranty conditions.

Spare parts

We provide spare parts and consumables for the equipment sold.

Need help choosing the right incinerator?