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Medical waste incinerators

Medical (clinical) waste are those wastes coming from different activities specific to human or veterinary medicine.

Incinerators intended for the disposal of medical waste (generated by hospitals, human / veterinary medical clinics, medical laboratories) are designed to incinerate:

  • Anatomical-pathological wastes (e.g.: tissues, human fluids, anatomical parts, etc.)
  • Infectious materials., for example wastes that came into contact with blood or other biological fluids as well as viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.: syringes, needles, gloves and so on.
  • Needles with wires, catheters, scalpel blades, laboratory glassware, etc.
  • Chemical-pharmaceutical (e.g.: hazardous chemical waste with toxic, corrosive, flammable, reactive, gene-toxic properties; non-hazardous chemical waste such as amino acids, organic and inorganic salts, etc; inorganic chemical substances etc., pharmaceutical waste: serums, expired vaccines; wastes with a high content of heavy metals)

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